No one is neutral here

You must choose your part in the end


The series comprises two pieces, No one is neutral here and You must choose your part in the end. The titles for both pieces are taken directly from the poetry of Late Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish. These works are a series of digital prints on polyester. In these an anonymous woman is photographed wrapped in a previous work I have made titled Not Your Harem Girl (2018).

No one is neutral here and You must choose your part in the end are taken at the Ayasofya (Hagia Sofia) in Turkey, although that isn’t made obvious. I have attempted to negate the ‘exotic’ that is often associated with the East by steering away from the elaborate mosaic tiles and stereotypical ‘otherness’ that we are often identified with. Even though the location is not evident, I felt it was important to take the Not Your Harem Girl fabric to Turkey to photograph, and place the woman within what is considered an intellectual space. This was an important part of the process for me. The two images are taken beside a column and beside a window, when paired, they speak of enduring gender politics both past and present, whilst also challenging the West's voyeuristic view of Muslim and Eastern womxn.

Credit: No one is neutral here (2019), Farwa Moledina, (Digital print on polyester), Lahore Biennale: A Rich Tapestry, Aisha Khalid Studio Gardens, January 2020