About The Artist

Through the use of pattern and textile, Moledina's work addresses issues surrounding Feminism, Muslim Women and Faith. Her interest in textiles was sparked through a study of the Orientalist’s depictions of harems and women’s spaces as inherently erotic. Picking up on the decadent interiors of the spaces depicted led Moledina to center her work around the deconstruction of such Orientalist tropes and the colonial logic behind them. Moledina employs pattern and textile to directly respond to Orientalist artworks; through this, she hopes to unveil the voyeuristic tradition of Western male painters and invite viewers to question Orientalist stereotypes and it's prevalence in contemporary society. Through her work, Moledina aims to create more nuanced debate regarding female Muslim identity within the world of contemporary art.

Moledina has worked with some of the most prestigious galleries in the West Midlands including Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Midlands Art Centre, Ikon Gallery and New Art Gallery Walsall. This summer she was one of 3 artists selected to show at Grand-Union Gallery and was short listed for the New Art West Midlands x Coventry Biennial Engine Room Programme. Earlier this year, Moledina exhibited work across two venues in Lahore as part of a collateral exhibition for the Lahore Biennale organised by Ikon Gallery and Aisha Khalid. Moledina is currently showing work in a group show at The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery titled Thirteen Ways of Looking curated by Dr Sylvia Theuri.

Moledina's work 'Not Your Fantasy' has been acquired by the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for their collection, whilst other works exist in private collections.

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